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A Seattle minor DUI is a serious offense that should not be taken lightly.

Underage drinking is a major point of emphasis here in King County. Every state and local law enforcement agency that operates in Seattle and throughout King County considers this to be a very serious crime. If you or someone you care about has recently been arrested or charged with underage drinking and driving, it’s imperative that you speak with an experience criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Did you know that a person under 21 years of age can be charged with a Seattle DUI if their blood alcohol content (BAC) is measured above a .020 and below a .079? Many are surprised by this law, and the penalties associated with a Seattle “Minor DUI” can be quite confusing. Many of our underage DUI clients call us wondering if they have somehow only been issued a “ticket” or a “violation”. In fact, they are almost always being charged with a serious misdemeanor offense.

First, a Seattle minor DUI arrest triggers Washington State’s “Implied Consent” law and will result in a minimum mandatory 90-day driver’s license suspension if you don’t properly request a hearing within 7 days of your arrest. We can help you properly request and will handle your Minor DUI Washington State Department of Licensing Implied Consent Administrative Hearing. Over the last 20 years, our DUI attorneys have challenged well over 500 DUI-related administrative hearings. Don’t let this deadline pass without preserving your legal rights! Put our decades of criminal driving experience to work for you.

This means that once a violator’s license is reinstated, if the suspension is upheld, the party will also have to carry SR-22 (high risk) auto insurance for three years from the date that they are eligible for reinstatement. For younger drivers in this age bracket, this will cause a dramatic premium increase. Additionally, there are discretionary penalties that could include up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine, and these are determined by the court at the time of sentencing.

However, the worst part of a minor DUI conviction is acquiring a criminal record at such a young age. While a person might be tempted to believe that future employers, creditors, and landlords would see a minor DUI charge as a simple mistake that one makes in their youth, the fact of the matter is that a criminal record could haunt someone for many years down the road.

Think about it – there is more competition in the workforce than ever before, and it’s already difficult for a young person to find a lucrative job. It is extremely common for employers to do background searches online for potential job candidates, so what is likely to happen when they come across an applicant’s conviction for a Seattle minor DUI? The answer is all too obvious, and it underscores how important it is to combat any minor DUI violation head-on, and use every legal angle available.

Indeed, a minor DUI can cause a ripple effect that echoes throughout a person’s life – all from one youthful error in judgment. Our Seattle minor DUI attorneys treat these cases as some of the most important they handle, because they recognize the stakes. At our law office, we believe every minor DUI case can be attacked on some level, but much will depend on the Seattle police reports and other important facts.

Don’t waste any time getting a head start on these sensitive cases – contact one of our Seattle minor DUI lawyers today in order to begin piecing together a strong strategy for defense. Our Seattle minor DUI attorneys are routinely contacted by young people that are entering the workforce for the first time. Because they previously plead guilty to this charge without realizing the possible repercussions, they suddenly understand that it is costing them far more than they initially realized. Remember, once you’ve plead guilty to a minor DUI there is little that can be done by anyone to expunge the blot from your criminal record. Don’t make this same mistake.

Minor DUI Defense

Our Seattle minor DUI lawyers will work hard for you – contact us today for a free consultation.

Our Seattle minor DUI attorneys understand how important these sensitive cases can be to the people they represent, and recognize that their very future could be jeopardized. Our role as your legal advisor is to work diligently to ensure that you remain free from a criminal record and that you continue to remain legally licensed to drive. Don’t let one drink of alcohol, one childish mistake, derail your life as it’s just getting started.

Contact one of our Seattle minor DUI lawyers today for a free case evaluation without any risk or obligation. They will help you understand your charges, answer your questions, and outline a cohesive plan for an aggressive defense. If you choose our team of litigators to act as your legal counselors, they will use their knowledge of the law to look for possible issues with your case in the hopes that the charges may be reduced or even dismissed.

True, there are never any guarantees, but with so much at stake your first priority should be to make sure you are being protected under the law. Our affordable rates and budget-conscious payment plans make it possible for you to have professional representation, and we will do everything the law allows to prevent you from obtaining a criminal record.

Minor Drunk Driving Defense in Seattle, WA.

Minor DUI attorneys in Seattle, WA can help you safeguard your future.

As mentioned, it is the bright future ahead of you that’s at risk if you’ve been charged with a minor DUI. Although a WA minor DUI may not be considered as damaging as the typical DUI, it is a crime nonetheless. If you’re found guilty, you will have a blemish on your record that will affect many future opportunities down the road career-wise.

Our Seattle minor DUI lawyers empathize with how frightening this situation can be, and how devastating it may feel to have all that you’ve worked for to build your future be in jeopardy from this mistake. With how easily employers can look up one’s criminal history, it is simply not worth the risk to try and fight your own case yourself.

The difference between an adult DUI and a minor DUI.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between an adult DUI and a minor DUI, the answer involves more than just the age of individual being charged. While the adult DUI is considered a gross misdemeanor, the minor DUI is simply a misdemeanor. Don’t let this sound like anything but minor, however, because a minor DUI charge in Washington State carries with it some major consequences. Consequences and mandatory penalties such as 90 days spent in jail, and fines up to $1,000 – not to mention the thousands of dollars from future earning potential.

Important – speak with one of our drunk driving attorneys about your Seattle minor DUI arrest before you make a plea.

Our legal professionals will help you gain a clear picture of the charges you face with a free consultation. This is risk-free to you, and can potentially save you from making a mistake that will affect your future for the rest of your life. Once a conviction for a minor DUI is on record, there’s simply no reversing time to take it back.

It is sad to note that we speak with large number of young men and women just starting out in life that have already plead guilty to their minor DUI. They desperately want to know if we can help them remove it from the record due to the difficulties they are facing in getting hired. Sadly, this situation can’t be reversed, but there is still hope for you as long as a plea has not already been entered.
Your next step.

With a mere 7 days from the time that you were arrested to put in a request for an administrative hearing to fight your case, it is vitally important not to let time slip away. Protect your future by being proactive and contact a knowledgeable Seattle minor DUI attorney from our law firm today. We will help you get through this nightmare from beginning to end, and work diligently to get your charges reduced / dismissed.

It is easy to make mistakes, especially in one’s youth. It is also a nightmare for most parents to think that their child’s future could be at stake. You don’t have to face this alone – and with our low affordable fees and payment plans, we make it all the easier to obtain the strong legal defense you need in this critical time. Call today.

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Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
Contact a drunk driving lawyer.
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Arrested or charged with a minor DUI? Don’t let one mistake ruin your future. Our Seattle criminal and drunk driving defense lawyers can help.

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