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Negligent driving in Seattle should never be underestimated.

Washington State criminal and traffic laws are some of the most punishing in the country, and can be difficult to decipher. Cases involving Seattle negligent driving can be especially challenging, because there are two separate charges relative to this offense. Each charge incurs its own penalties according to Washington law, and both deserve to be treated seriously and expeditiously.

First degree and second degree negligent driving charges in Washington State.

Of the two possible charges defined by the law, first degree negligent driving is the most serious. If you are pulled over by a police officer and your blood alcohol level is below the legal limit, you can still be charged for Seattle negligent driving in the first degree. These charges should never be underestimated, because a conviction could incur penalties that include expensive fines -and the insurance premiums on your vehicle could rise substantially.

This means that you may not be physically impaired or intoxicated in any way and still be charged with Seattle negligent driving in the first degree. For this reason, you should protect your legal rights by familiarizing yourself with the law and preparing a resolute defense. It makes sense to talk to one of our Seattle negligent driving attorneys about the details of your case, because this charge is often based solely on the discretion of one police officer that may have been in error.

While second degree negligent driving is not a criminal offense, it is still one of the most serious traffic infractions a Seattle driver may face. If a police officer thinks you are driving in a way that endangers people or their property, then you can be cited for this serious infraction, the end result of which will likely be auto insurance rates that are far more expensive. Keeping their driving record clean is important to many of our clients. If you are in agreement then you should talk to one of our Seattle negligent driving lawyers today, and ascertain whether it’s possible to fight your ticket.

Our Seattle negligent driving lawyers understand the law.

It doesn’t matter if you feel like you were cited for negligent driving in Seattle without merit, or you would simply like to mitigate the penalties associated with the offense, it’s always important to understand the law and how it affects you. In Washington, negligent driving is charged at the discretion of a police officer, so there may be a way to defend you and resolve your case with expediency. Much depends upon the police report pertaining to your case, but when compared to the overall high costs of a conviction, defending yourself makes good sense.

For more than three decades our Seattle negligent driving lawyers have collectively defended drivers from the adverse effects of a negligent driving charge, in both the first and second degree. We can put our knowledge of Washington law to work for you, while creating an aggressive defense on your behalf.

A free case evaluation will get you started.

Before making any decisions regarding your charge, you would probably like to talk to a professional without risk or monetary obligation. Our Seattle negligent driving attorneys offer a free consultation and case evaluation so that you can get some facts based on the law before making the mistake of acting without the proper legal knowledge.

If you choose representation from one of our Seattle negligent driving lawyers, they will do everything possible to ensure your rights are protected, while defending you against your negligent driving charge.

A review of the facts about negligent driving violations in Washington State.

There is much confusion surrounding negligent driving, and most people don’t even realize that they can be charged with type of infraction even in circumstances without being impaired or intoxicated. In addition, there are different degrees of negligent driving.

Let’s look at the first degree of negligent driving, which you can be charged with even if you are well under the legal BAC (blood alcohol limit). For something as minor as a broken tail light or expired tags, you may get pulled over by a police officer, who can request a breathalyzer test. Even if you should pass the test and are under the legal limit, you are still at risk of being charged with first degree negligent driving.

While not a criminal charge in Washington State and less serious than a drunk driving offense, second degree negligent driving is an infraction that should be taken very seriously as well. Being charged with this indicates that the officer that cited you was of the opinion that your driving was endangering individuals or property.

Being convicted of either degrees of negligent driving will make you responsible for expensive fines, and will more than likely increase your car insurance premiums for a length of time (usually a few years). At our law offices, we offer you a free case consultation to get your questions answered. Getting in contact with one of our experienced negligent driving attorneys right away will help ensure that you have someone by your side who will work hard to get your charges greatly reduced or even dismissed.

Experienced Seattle DUI attorneys and our affordable low flat fees.

With decades of combined experience in handling complex DUI cases throughout Washington State, our legal professionals understand how even just a minor traffic infraction can have an impact on your daily life.

Our law firm makes it as easy as possible to get the legal representation you need with affordable, low flat fees. WA DUI laws can be complicated. With a free consultation from negligent driving lawyer, you will also be able to better understand the scope of the penalties you face and get your questions addressed.

Connect with a Seattle negligent driving lawyer now – risk free.

Time is of the essence, and if paperwork is not turned in within a timely fashion, any fines incurred may get released to collection agencies which can result in driver’s license suspension.

Let us assist you in putting this nightmare behind you. Allow us to prepare your defense case and do the heavy lifting for you. Give one of our Seattle negligent driving attorneys a call today!

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Negligent Driving can be a serious criminal charge in Washington State. It can also be a nasty traffic violation. Either way, we can help!

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