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If you’ve recently been charged with reckless driving in Seattle, you are facing some pretty serious charges that could have lasting repercussions. The penalties associated with this serious criminal offense too often are taken lightly, but if you are convicted you will incur a mandatory 30-day license suspension. Additionally, a judge could impose discretionary penalties of up 364 days in jail and $5,000 fine, which could cause severe problems at work and in your family life.

Our Seattle reckless driving attorneys are qualified professionals who want to help you understand these serious charges, so that you can take action to protect your legal rights. You need to understand that reckless driving is more than just a traffic infraction. In some Seattle reckless driving cases, it’s possible to find issues that could be used to challenge the charges in court. While much depends on the police reports and other variables specific to your case, a qualified professional has the tools to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the violation.

After being charged with reckless driving in WA, the goal for most individuals is to retain their rights to legally drive, avoid jail-time, and minimize their fine. These are the goals of our Seattle reckless driving attorneys, who also realize just how damaging a Reckless driving conviction on your driving record can be.

Our Seattle reckless driving lawyers will help you better understand Washington State’s laws for “habitual traffic” offenders, which states that if you receive 3 strikes against your license in a five-year period, you are subject to a seven-year license revocation – and a reckless driving conviction counts as one.

When you work with one of our Seattle reckless driving lawyers, much of the emotional strain caused by dealing with the situation is alleviated, and you can be confident that your legal rights are being protected throughout your proceedings.

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If you’ve been charged with reckless driving in Seattle, then crime is described as a “…willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property….” What does this mean for you?

With over decades of combined experience dealing with Washington State driving cases, our Seattle criminal defense law offices are ready to help you take the next step. If you’re wondering whether you can keep your driver’s license, or you just want to stay out jail, you can contact one of our Seattle reckless driving attorneys today for a free case evaluation without any obligation. Your free consultation allows you to get some reliable information about your Seattle reckless driving charge without any risk whatsoever. Then you will be armed with the information you need to make a well-thought-out decision about how to deal with your criminal charge.

In our opinion, many people are charged with reckless driving even though their driving, or alleged driving does not fit the statutory elements of this crime. If you feel like the officer made an error in observation in your case, then one of our Seattle reckless driving lawyers will take the important steps to protect your legal rights. Indeed, we will do everything legally possible to assist you throughout this difficult time.

We are ready to aggressively defend you by utilizing our lengthy experience. Contact us today and we will arrange a free consultation with one of our dedicated legal professionals.

Don’t let a reckless driving charge damage your driving record and make your insurance premiums go through the roof. Call us today and explore your legal options.

Reckless driving laws in Washington State and how they impact you.

Have you been recently charged with a reckless driving violation in Seattle, WA? There are many folks out there who hold the belief that the penalties pertaining to this type of conviction are small when compared with a DUI. As mentioned in the above paragraphs, it is clear that a conviction for reckless driving in Washington State does in fact carry with it punishing consequences.

Reckless driving is considered a serious misdemeanor and should be handled as such. Timing is critical. If you are facing a reckless driving charge, it makes sense to give our law office a call to get help and answers fast. With a free consultation, we can help you realize the impact a conviction may have on your situation.

If you decide to retain our services, our skilled Seattle reckless driving attorneys will fight to keep you licensed to drive and avoid jail time. We will work with you diligently to help you prepare for the department of license hearing and will be at your side during the court process. As your legal advocates, you can also count on us to provide a complete investigation to discover evidence that will strengthen your defense for a favorable outcome.

Our Seattle reckless driving lawyers are here to protect your legal rights.

Many people who get charged with a reckless driving violation are normal, hard working individuals. It almost seems unfair to get prosecuted as a criminal. The Seattle reckless driving lawyers from our team empathize with your situation are here to protect your legal rights. If you contact us with your questions, we will provide a free consultation so that you can be armed with the knowledge on how to best proceed. It is our goal to help you get the penalties you face significantly reduced or dropped, and put your reckless DUI charge in your past.

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Reckless driving is a very serious criminal offense in Washington State. If convicted, your license will be suspended. Our criminal attorneys can help.

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