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A Seattle racing charge should be taken seriously.

Street racing in Seattle is a serious crime, and if you’re caught you could get into a lot of trouble. This crime is essentially classified as reckless driving according to Washington State DUI law, and a conviction will lead to a driver’s license suspension and possible jail time. In fact, a Seattle racing conviction incurs a mandatory 30 day loss of driving privileges and discretionary penalties of up to 364 days in jail and $5,000 in fines.

Our Seattle racing attorneys are experienced litigators that will help you build an aggressive defense strategy designed to minimize penalties and help you move forward with your life as quickly as possible. There are times when a Seattle racing charge is accompanied by another WA drunk driving crime, and in these cases, legal representation by an attorney is highly recommended.

While the definition of “racing” or “drag racing” in Seattle might seem obvious, the law defines it as two vehicles engaged in a relative contest of speed. Like reckless driving, the law describes racing in Seattle as a person showing a wonton disregard for person and property.

Our Seattle racing lawyers will help you protect your legal rights, and this is especially important if you feel as though you were charged for this crime unfairly, or if you are simply hoping that the penalties can be mitigated in your case. Our Seattle racing attorneys hold the belief that any charge for drag racing in Washinton State can be challenged, but much will depend on police reports and other factors.

Because of the severity of a racing charge in Washington, it is a good idea to talk to one of our Seattle racing lawyers as quickly as you can. Your freedom and your driving privileges are at stake, so don’t take any unnecessary chances with your future. Our Seattle racing attorneys have decades of collective real-world experience handling Washington racing cases and drunk driving crimes, and we are ready to put our knowledge to work for you.

Reckless driving defense – Seattle racing lawyers working hard for you.

When our legal professionals handle any case, they work hard to mitigate the penalties associated with the offense for which a client is charged, including drag racing. We accomplish this via hard work, including an investigation of the facts in the hopes that we find issues that could constitute a successful legal defense.

A Seattle racing charge can leave you feeling bewildered because there is no way to know how the whole thing will work out. Still, you can control the timeliness of your response, so it’s vital that you talk to one of our Seattle racing lawyers as soon as you can. This allows them to give you the information you need to proceed, so you don’t miss any filing deadlines or court dates.

Washington State Reckless Driving Defense

We offer a cost-free consultation with one of our Seattle racing attorneys, which affords you the opportunity to find out everything you can about a drag racing charge without any obligation. This gives you an opportunity to receive important information so you may take immediate action towards resolving your racing case speedily. You don’t want to sit idle with so much on the line – WA drunk driving punishments are swift and merciless, so you need to move quickly toward the checkered flag or risk being penalized to the fullest extent of the law.

Sometimes we find it necessary to take a case to trial, but other times a Seattle racing charge can be reduced through aggressive negotiations. Either way, our Seattle attorneys will be at your side from day one, ensuring that everything legally possible is being done to minimize the penalties you face.

What are the street racing laws in Washington State?

As mentioned, according to Washington law, racing is defined as any individual or individuals willfully comparing or contesting relative speeds by the operation of vehicle/s. It goes without saying that excessive speed can be incredibly dangerous on the roadways. However, when you introduce more than one vehicle, the danger factor multiplies exponentially, and it becomes quite clear why there are harsh penalties associated with this type of charge.

Essentially, in Washington State a racing charge is identical to a reckless driving crime. If you are facing such a charge it is vital that you retain the help and counsel from a skilled Seattle racing attorney as quickly as possible. The greater the time you allow for us to build a strong defense for your case , the greater the odds of successfully reducing your charge or having it dismissed altogether.
Our Seattle racing attorneys make a strong defense affordable.

We make it as easy as possible for you to retain the strong, affordable defense required in situations such as these. Low flat fees, and flexible payment options make it easy to accommodate almost anyone’s budget. And with a free initial consultation, our Seattle racing attorneys make it easy to get your questions answered too.

Building you a strong defense based on WA traffic laws.

When people think that they have been charged with a racing crime unfairly, often times they think that they can simply show up to court, tell their story to the judge, and all will be dismissed… More times than not, this route fails because the courts only listen to a defense that is backed by the traffic laws of Washington State. That’s where our legal team comes in. With decades of experience and knowledge of WA racing laws, we will work hard on building you a solid defense.

Speed counts.

It goes without saying that any racing charge, WA DUI arrest, or traffic infraction should be acted upon immediately. In fact, you have only seven short days to be able to schedule a DOL hearing from the time of your arrest. It is here that the determination of whether you will remain licensed to drive is decided upon, and it only makes sense to have strong legal representation by your side. With so many faucets of your daily life determined by whether you are able to drive or not, don’t waste time – call our Seattle racing attorneys today for your free consultation!

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Racing is a very serious criminal offense in Washington State. Don’t take a chance on your future. Talk to one of our criminal driving lawyers now!

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